Feminist Astrology and Germaine Greer

As a work that is traditionally hailed as being antithetic to male comfort, I find that Germaine Greer’s “Female Eunuch” probably says more about the negative stereotyping of women by women than it does about men. Of course, she argues (throughout her writing) that this is merely the extension of a patriarchal tyranny, that culturally we accept some pretty astonishing subtexts as normal – when they are anything but – and our ingrained themes of sexual interaction, both inter and intra-sexually are pretty weird. That is as much as I can say easily because I am not a scholar of feminism, I have not read her works exhaustively and I am a man (I guess) and I have been told (by more than one radical feminist I have known) that I lack the insight of subjectivity, so I can comment, but I cannot truly experience.

00), Melbourne, Australia

Germaine Greer, feminist author. 29 Jan 1939 06:00 (-10:00), Melbourne, Australia

Fair enough. I have no issue, but neither am I apologising; I do the best that I can, I treat women as absolute equals (insofar as I am able with a lifetime of cultural programming in tow) and in fact I much prefer the company of women as a generalisation than I do of men. I also found that in circa 1987 when I first read large swathes of The Female Eunuch that it seemed fundamentally out of date in parts even then. The book belonged to my dear friend Vicki who is a (somewhat) radical feminist; at least she never shaves any part of her anatomy and neither does she wear a bra although I cannot attest to whether or not she has physically burned it. I also spent one summer acting as an observer for CND in the late 1980s, a job which required me to sit outside of RAF Greenham Common from 4am until midday in a car and watch for any missile transports. I eventually got to know several of the women on that camp and they of course had built a community which more or less excluded men completely. One of those women, Pippa, a slightly loony ex-midwife at least twice my age became a good friend and although I lost touch with her a few years hence. I talked to her once about psychology, which I studied at University and beyond, and she quoted Germaine Greer to me during that discussion, she said: “Freud is the father of psychoanalysis. It has no mother.”

Eris forms part of a grand trine with Mars and Pluto, no surprise there then...

Germaine Greer: Eris forms part of a grand trine with Mars and Pluto, no surprise there then...

It has since occurred to me that the same sentiments are found in the study of astrology, with Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all being essentially male energies; Mercury is possibly male but at best androgynous, leaving (traditionally) only Moon and Venus to speak for the feminine. How patently ridiculous that is, but also, and thankfully, it is a situation that is gradually being addressed with the inclusion of Pallas, Ceres, Vesta and Juno into the mainstream of astrological thinking. In terms of psychoanalysis I often think of Freud as Saturn, Jung as Uranus, but there are no essential feminine powers because (as Pippa told me) even psychology is fundamentally masculine. In my view, psychology falls down in all sorts of places, but astrology does not have to fall into the same trap. Traditionalists will disagree of course, but that to me is resonant of the self-same dichotomy between psychoanalysis and behaviourism in psychology; they are utterly incompatible systems that are mixed through long habit, not through best practise.

It is for this reason that I believe a whole new avenue of astrological research is opening up. It will evolve into something meaningful in step with the onward march toward acceptance of the divine feminine in human society, and even at a personal level as someone with a peregrine Moon I am doubly compressed, by my innate astrological dissociation complex, and by a society that can only accept my male sexuality as a narrow spectrum of aggression that identifies with cars, jobs, bunny girls and team sports.

Back to the (very brief) astrology of Germaine Greer then. I have not included Eris, but of course she sits at the trined midpoint of Ma/Pl. A near fanatic mischief-maker? Undoubtedly! With Scorpio Midheaven, there is a calling to deal with sexuality, and with Mars in the anaretic degree of Scorpio the impetus to tip over from sex and control to freedom and equality is self-evident. Mercury opposes Pluto, which explains her need to tell it unadorned (just like good old blood and guts Patton remember?) but here a trine to Neptune softens, refines and takes all the edges off. Moon is conjunct Uranus too: and that alone says “radical feminism” right?

So, Germaine Greer: with a grand trine to the Midheaven and peregrine Saturn in Aries in the 3rd, may you keep going it alone and telling it like it is until your last breath, because whilst you’re quite clearly a nutjob, you’re also brilliant, beautiful and absolutely, undeniably genuine.


The Grand Trine explored…

physical power

Ali: physical power

The Grand Trine: even the moniker creates a regal ambience; if you could buy and sell aspect patterns on Ebay then there’s little doubt that the beautifully equilateral one would conjure as much interest as any possible configuration, excepting possibly the Golden Yod (which everyone in the know would want but would have no clue how to use). Even astrologers get drawn in to this self-same conclusion, but my experience (which is very often at odds with the received wisdom of astrology) continually hit a bum note wherever the Grand Trine was in evidence; I do not doubt for a moment that the Grand Trine is subjectively fantastic; but for everyone else, it’s probably only just short of infuriating, although not necessarily for entirely negative reasons. The grand trine can give enormous benefit which everyone but the owner of the pattern can see clearly.

My own suspicion was distilled by the thinking of Noel Tyl who uttered the immortal wisdom that “all aspects are squares” (or somesuch) and that includes trines of course; because a trine that is taken for granted and remains untapped by any driving factor soon breaks down, indulgence follows on, then laziness sets in, and before much longer the aspect has degenerated into something positively hedonistic. In my experience, the Grand Trine configured without some sense of urgency in the form of squares, or outright adversarial impetuses from others in the form of oppositions to any of those self-same loci, can easily devolve into a peculiar form of myopic self-obsession, characterised by the onlooker as aloofness, an unwillingness to participate or just outright arrogance. Without squares there is no self-doubt, without opposition there is no requirement for relating; the native with the Grand Trine can experience these planets exactly however they want and they require no external validation. Thus the native with a grand water trine can be quite comfortable with the notion that their feelings are quite simply the only feelings that matter in the world, and anyone looking in simply could not grasp the subjective sense of it. The grand trine though is innate, asking the native to describe the experience of their grand trine is like asking them to bite their own teeth, it is utterly subjective, especially where personal planets are involved. Of course none of this is to say that they might not be justified in their view that in the affairs of these planets they are beyond reproach, often, the grand trine does give exceptional power in a particular domain, but most especially where there are squares to add drive and oppositions to add perspective. A grand trine that is not treated as though it were a challenge will very quickly deteriorate into a vortex of dissolution.

Let us consider examples from each of the elements.

00) Torquay, England.

Agatha Christie, writer, 15 Sep 1890, 04:00 (+0:00) Torquay, England.

Agatha Christie, the prolific writer of crime novels has reputedly sold upwards of a billion books to date and her astrology evinces a grand air trine between Moon in Libra in the 2nd (instinctively financially fair but competitive), Jupiter in Aquarius on the 5th/6th cusp, (increasingly creative and independent: this placement almost defines the character of Poirot incidentally, having quirky offbeat, but highly intellectual habits that reflect a unique and expansive intelligence) and Neptune – combined with Pluto – in the 10th which certainly speaks to matters of vocation (Gemini thus writing) and being a leader (Jupiter trine Pluto) in her field of work (6th) and career (10th). Note too that the grand air trine falls across the houses of the earth triplicity, which gives the mind a practical outlet and expression. Thus an easy, but near-tangible, exchange of ideas is created, a flow of thought and mental energy that can manifest into matter. The important point though is that this is an untapped potential, it might never actually manifest. Agatha Christie though with Virgo rising has peregrine Mercury in Libra ruling her nativity; which actualises the grand trine, the imperative of a peregrine Mercury then creates an enormous drive to communicate, one that fires up the enormous and sweet potential of the grand air trine to express itself in practical ways (air signs on earth houses), 93 books and several plays later and the rest is history.

00) Philadelphia PA, USA

Grace Kelly, actress, 12 Nov 1929, 05:31 (+5:00) Philadelphia PA, USA

Grace Kelly by contrast evinces a grand water trine, here with intense, controlled Scorpio Sun on the 1st, Moon configured with competent Pallas in dreamy Pisces in the 5th of acting and each of these fuelled with astonishing power and control by Pluto in tenacious, receptive Cancer. This is why she appears to be so poised and graciously cool but there is with it a hint of compassionate depth and a truly dreamy quality that refines the entire self-expression (and if you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of Grace Kelly), and here the water signs are found in the fire houses, thus energising the emotions and giving rise to a need to express the emotions, although with Scorpio rising, it must always be carried out in a controlled and poised manner, no unseemly outbursts thank you very much! But it is the hint at unfathomed passion beneath the surface that lends this power. And the drive? Again, peregrine Mercury in Scorpio, rising creates an overwhelming impetus to express water through fire, thus the feelings through acting.

00) Louisville KY, USA

Muhammad Ali, pugilist. 17 Jan 1942, 18:35 (+6:00) Louisville KY, USA

Ali, undoubtedly the most complete gladiator of modern times is the proud owner of a grand earth trine, which gives a near-perfect interchange of physiological energies; Sun in Capricorn on the 6th creates a methodical, indomitable attainment energy, here is an impetus to get to the peak of physical endurance, power and stamina; think of Leo (Sun) on Capricorn on Virgo (6th house), an enormous push to be a dominant force (Sun), to endure and stay standing (Capricorn) and to be physically as perfect as humanly possible (6th House); and this the chart ruler too!. Configure this with Uranus in Taurus (individuation through being non-negotiable) in the career (10th) and Neptune in Virgo in the 2nd (a dream of financial perfection, no doubt fuelled by considerable financial disappointment in childhood) and you have the perfect conditions for a true fighter to emerge. It lacks only an impetus and I believe that in Ali’s case the drive is provided by Mars square Pluto across the fixed Taurus-Leo axis, slowly building power, the strength of a bull configured with an obsessive need to dominate and demonstrate his power and this expressed through brute force (Martian strength is always supercharged by Pluto, it creates a transcendent physical force where the energy is greater than that provided by the body alone). There is too an element of ruthlessness in Mars – Pluto squares, one that in the fixed element especially will brook no opposition and the grand earth trine creates a physical power to back up that psychic imperative.

00) Omaha NE, USA

Marlon Brando, actor. 3 Apr 1924, 23:00 (+6:00) Omaha NE, USA

Finally then, the grand fire trine, which is shown here in the case of (arguably) the finest actor to have ever lived: Marlon Brando, and it is only required to see his performance in Apocalypse Now to get a feeling for this pattern being played out. The Sun and Moon in Aries and the 4th create a very personal and quite self-centred energy. Immediately we get an impression of somebody who even when expressing some very private sense of self suffers almost no doubt or embarrassment; there is no question of stage-fright here, Brando could make a display of even his most intimate self and be quite perfectly brazen with it! Neptune in Leo in the 9th creates a philosophic and spiritual undertone of acting and with Jupiter rising in its domicile you have astonishing and fortunate power, overwhelming presence and an ability to see further than most. Chiron in the 4th/5th is interesting too, on the cusp it sensitises the private (4th) need for admiration (5th) and creates an outlet into acting. The drive though? I would say that peregrine Venus in Taurus in the 6th tells a story: it creates a true power of being physically compelling, of being habitually resolute and seeking to perfect, almost stubbornly, the habits of his trade (thus acting) and Brando was famed as the quintessential method actor of course; indeed, he probably invented it! In this way he really changed the craft (6th) of acting forever, by simply making every other actor appear shallow and mediocre by comparison.

Road to Nowhere

a powerful draft of Neptune.

Yesterday.s perfect antidote to reality: a powerful draft of Neptune.

Working these last couple of days as a civilian has given me plenty of food for thought: a veritable feast in truth and one that would leave even the least finicky eater feeling a touch queasy. By a circuitous train of logic (which I shall not relate overmuch here) it has left me thinking very carefully about the question of evolvement.

When you are hurtling around the M25 in a truck full of tradesmen’s tools and shop-fittings it is very easy to forget. Easy, most especially to forget that the purpose of more or less every person on these roads, single-mindedly ploughing onward in their metal box, is the acquisition of money. Of course we all need money, but nobody ever has enough of it, and that is what I very quickly realised after my new venture into mainstream working.

So, after fitting a shoe-shop in Essex in two days, I am all done and I won’t do any more for another couple of weeks because I can just about manage with that money and anything extra I receive for the astrology. I very quickly realised that while I can do carpentry and so forth, I am not a carpenter; I am here for one reason alone and I was fully invested in that raison d’etre before I got so hard up that I needed to think about doing anything else, but the trick of money had me in a real muddle for at least 48 hours. I realised it though when I was inside the shop talking to an electrician who had driven down from Bolton, staying away from his wife and children for two weeks. He owned his house, a good car, had expensive tools, good quality clothes and yet here he was, talking continually about money, about how much he was owed, how much he was earning, how much he was going to earn. He would take five or six phone calls a day and the majority of their context was monetary too. This road to money; in keeping with the circular M25 that we were all driving upon, had no end.

It is well to remember this. Neptune on the midheaven can make a sensitive, a spiritual seeker, or a profound artist, but almost every time, it makes only a professional drunk. Chiron rising in Taurus can make a truly fine counsellor for those with eating disorders, but most often it only creates somebody who hates the way they look. There is no indicator in the astrology of which side of the divide the nativity will fall, but it will usually only take a single sentence spoken from their mouth for the astrologer to determine it. Evolvement then, is a function only of the soul which underpins the astrology. For me, with the ruler of my midheaven peregrine in Scorpio in the 2nd house, I can very single-mindedly make a career out of whatever makes money, or I can respond to a higher pitch and focus very clearly on the underlying themes and motivations of what life is for; this is what I do with the astrology, but every lower vibration is available to me if I allow it. I realise that with Gemini Mc, I have to watch a tendency to flit from one delightful distraction to the next (and it is probably no coincidence that just as I write this sentence, the Moon transits the exact degree of my Midheaven), and on the upside, I do at least get a fair degree of flexibility in my career and vocation, but – crucially – it means I don’t have to be fanatically fixated on doing one thing to the exclusion of everything else (as anyone with Scorpio or Capricorn MC knows too well) so I have been offered some further work in the Czech Republic and in Holland too which I shall probably take on because it pays well and I like to see different parts of Europe, but otherwise, and here’s the rub: I am an astrologer; that’s my (almost) full time job, that’s what I do best, and that’s what I’m doing with my life.

What are you doing with yours? You can find out more here 🙂

Postcards from Planet Neptune (04)

I know exactly when this was taken, it was at the exact moment that the Sun was conjunct radix Saturn in Aries; thus early April, it was also the first pass of the Neptune square that I am currently surviving. I had driven into a wall in Tunbridge Wells and had no car so I walked to see a guy who I knew a few miles away who had various parts of a Renault, including the offside headlamp and indicator I required. I walked 11 miles that day and took this picture in a roadside mirror (hence the barrel distortion) along the way. When I got home, I discovered (and this is Neptune all the way) that he’d given me the nearside indicator and I had to go back again the next day.

I have been offered some work in and around London, and whilst in an ideal world I would like to continue doing the astrology full time (and I have enough astrology to keep me busy for the next 6 months at least if I took on every chart I was asked to look at) I am getting really quite poor. It’s fine, I have no particular hang up on money (less could well be more) but all I need is one person to pay me nothing at all and I’m in trouble. I also struggle to complete more than 3 or 4 charts a week, and just recently I’ve been finding even that nearly impossible.

So I am off to do some carpentry. I have no problem with carpentry, I did it for a time when I was a student during the holidays to make some cash and I’m pretty good at it and I find it to be ‘kind of meditative’ as work goes. It also pays me – in a day – what I can earn from the astrology in a week. So today I have been salvaging my tools which were mostly ruined in the Spring floods (did I mention Neptune already?) and trying to prepare myself for a 4:30am start tomorrow. I should also like to apologise to everyone with whom I have failed to communicate over the last couple of days, and I promise to catch up after I know what my schedules are with this work.

I have no idea therefore when I will be able to post any new articles here, but hopefully it will not be too long, and I will be thinking about the astrology a great deal while I am out working of course.


(This is a photo of the aforementioned flood: the shed was where all my carpentry tools were kept and of course due to its placement on a flood plain (I discovered later on) my insurance was invalidated. I freely made a gift of all my ‘stuff’ therefore to Neptune, and now my shed contains almost nothing at all.)

The Chirotic Awakening

Kerrie asked: “I’m wondering if you could give an example of a chirotic awakening?

I would say that it is a difficult process to accurately describe and it will certainly be accompanied by considerable projected difficulty. If you understand the phrase “as above so below” and apply that to your understanding of astrology, you will very quickly see that the peculiar (by which I mean unique and often self-defeating) psychic conditions within the nativity manifest outwardly in the mundane conditions of the life experience. This is why your psychic precondition to being intensely sensitive to artistic criticism (for example) with Chiron in Aries in the 5th will manifest out of your consciousness and causally connect to other people and situations who will oblige your expectations and compound and reinforce that experiential discomfort. Put way more simply, this means that your sense that others do not take your art seriously becomes justified. Chiron is very good at this, it creates a single point of intense sensitivity, more like the uncomfortable sensitivity felt from a broken bone though than the deep and quite profoundly moving sensitivity of Neptunian experience.

Thus as you begin to activate Chiron in your life, his issues and themes as denoted by sign, house placement and aspects will become increasingly unbearable; imagine it like having somebody punch your broken limb every few hours: there will eventually come a tipping over point where you feel that you simply cannot take the pain anymore and you simply let it all go. I do not have a much better way to describe it; it is a giving up quality but without giving in. It is when you stop fighting, railing and struggling against all the pain in your life and realise the futility of resistance and that the only way that you will be able to continue is to accept your pain and actually to treasure it for being the medium that has awakened your compassion, because once we have recognised and reconciled our own pain then we become immediately open and sensitive to everyone else’s. Once you experience that reality, that we are all connected with a common bond of pain and suffering then it is never so easy again to judge another out of hand. We begin to forgive people, even the very wicked.

Etty Hillesum, who survived the Nazi concentration camps , writes of the healing surrender of Chiron: “And you must be able to bear your sorrow; even if it seems to crush you, you will be able to stand up again, for human beings are so strong, and your sorrow must become an integral part of yourself; you mustn’t run away from it.

Do not relive your feelings through hatred, do not seek to avenge on all Germans, for they too, feel sorrow at this moment. Give your sorrow all the space and shelter in yourself that is it’s due, for if everyone bears grief honestly and courageously, the sorrow that now fills the world will abate. But if you do instead reserve most of the space inside you for hatred and thoughts of revenge- for which new sorrows will be born for others-then sorrow will never cease in this world. And if you have given sorrow the space it demands, then you may truly say: life is beautiful and so rich that it makes you want to believe in God.”

From “Etty: The Letters and Diaries of Etty Hillesum, 1941-1943William B Eerdmans Publishing Co (2002).

For students of Chiron though the key phrase here is “your sorrow must become an integral part of yourself; you mustn’t run away from it.” It is this quality of letting go, of accepting and facing the pain rather than attempting to avoid, suppress or push it away that is the key to awakening.

Astrologically Etty’s Chiron is in Pisces and the 9th house, but opposed by the Moon and trined to Mars in Cancer, thus themes of awakening via violence (Mars) against the clan or tribe (Cancer, thus the Jewish people) causing deep sorrow and spiritual awakening (12th house). I should also mention for completeness that Etty has peregrine Pluto (ouch) at the anaretic 29th degree of Gemini in the 12th; thus writing or communicating (Gemini) the experience of her people (pull to the sign of Cancer) in the Holocaust (Pluto) runs away with the chart.

She also spoke directly to the awakening of Chiron in her life when she said: ““One should want to be a balm on many wounds.” The horror of the holocaust is what tipped Etty over into her Chirotic awakening. You will see then that within our greatest weakness, that one thing, condition, experience that is most painful and uncomfortable to us lies the potential to find our greatest strength. That is the true power of Chiron.

Postcards from Planet Neptune (03)

Another one from the cellphone files. This is the way that I run on occasion. This evening I am creating a Neptune playlist, it is ipod therapy for astrologers under hard transits. I fully expect it to be profoundly, if fleetingly effective, but it beats Tequila right?

Chiron in Aries through the houses (part 1)

Wherever Chiron is found there is hypersensitivity and pain until there has been what I would call a Chirotic awakening, the compassionate self-awareness is then activated and it becomes possible to give up your pain, even to take it on board gladly because it is a reminder of the connectedness of you and I, that we share a bond of human vulnerability. We learn then, wherever Chiron is found, to give up our self, and nowhere is this more true than in the sign of Aries. To some extent, I find that many, many partnerships are formed between those whose Chrion’s straddle the Aries Point, with one in Pisces and the other in Aries, because they are so very complementary. Chiron in Pisces is the pain of selflessness, whilst Chiron in Aries is the pain of selfishness, they are, despite being semi-sextile, strangely compatible, almost polarised positions. Chiron in Aries is concerned with hypersensitivity to the idea of self; it can manifest then as an inability to assert one’s own needs, or to be overreactive to criticism, perceived or outright. Usually this manifests as a lack of self-worth which can act as a brake on self-esteem or a goad to offended dignity. Today I would like to briefly consider this theme through the houses (in two parts) for the placement of the centaur in the sign of the ram.

Burton gives a masterclass in Arien Chirotic power in Look Back in Anger (1958)

1st House: The first rules appearance and physical self-expression, so here there is a sense of almost becoming a non-entity. The native will struggle to express himself in a way that “works”. This is probably best illustrated by an example. Consider Richard Burton, who showed a talent for English literature at grammar school, though his consuming interest was sport. With the assistance of his inspirational schoolmaster, Philip H. Burton (who mentored him), he excelled in school productions. Philip could not legally adopt Burton because their ages were too close together. It was at this time that he began to develop the distinctive speaking voice that became his hallmark, having been encouraged by Philip (who sidelined as a BBC radio producer) to “lose his Welsh accent”. To this day, many aspiring actors study Burton’s style of elocution which has been hailed by critics worldwide. So immediately we see that Burton had to lose (Chiron) some intrinsic part of his self (Aries), and learn to express himself in a way that was not his own (1st House). Anyone with Aries here will be unable to feel that their ‘way of being’ matters or is significant enough. Anyone with this placement should watch Burton’s performance in “Look Back in Anger”, (in my opinion his greatest performance) it is a seminal Chirotic expression of the Aries and first house placement, magnificent and unmissable. Walt Whitman (easily my favourite poet) shares this placement; and his Leaves of Grass (1855) consisted of 12 untitled poems, one of which was to later become famous as “Song of Myself.” His literary style was experimental, a free-verse avalanche in celebration of nature and self that has since been described as the first expression of a distinctly American voice. Thus the wound of Chiron in Aries in the first becomes clear, the pain of being unable to express oneself, one’s true identity, creates a powerful impetus and if awakened, can give magnificent expressive potential.

2nd House: The lack of self-worth that accompanies Chiron’s residence in Aries is compounded by a lack of material self-worth; here the native feels financially and materially insignificant and is hypersensitive to themes of money and possessions, particularly in the sense of deserving these things. IT would not be uncommon therefore for a housewife or homemaker to feel that her lack of self-esteem is in large part a result of not contributing financially to things. It is interesting that Queen Elizabeth II has this placement, so no doubt at some deep part of her psyche, the tax burden her status places upon her subjects must be deeply uncomfortable to her; and it is no coincidence then – in my view – that she is the first British monarch to freely commit to payment of income taxes, it is a classic expression of Chirotic guilt since she feels that she does not deserve her financial position in life. Another native evincing this placement is Spike Milligan, who – aware of financial issues of self-worth more than most – uttered the highly insightful words: “Money couldn’t buy friends, but you got a better class of enemy.” There is no question that considerable discomfort was attached to financial issues here.

Vocal Power

Malcolm X: Vocal Power

3rd House: Here Chiron creates a low educational self-esteem and a sense that one’s eloquence is not up to scratch. Speech can literally be a painfully difficult experience and inadequacy and uncertainty in any particularly erudite or thoughtful communicative pursuits may cause genuine distress. A person with Chiron in Aries here may well feel as though they are not heard, or that their opinions do not matter because they are not considered or well formed enough. The gift of Chiron awakened here is the realisation of great power to speak, to rouse to action and to energise through the words. Consider then Malcolm X, the U.S. black Muslim leader, political speaker and activist who – despite having almost no formal education to speak of – embarked on a rigorous program of self-education whilst in prison where he copied the entire dictionary word for word and thus activated his Chirotic force whereupon he was able to generate incredible power to motivate, energise and assert a new political and social agenda in the United States. Remember too that Ares the God of War, is never far divorced from this placement, and consider one of Malcolm’s most radical and powerful speeches, delivered on April 12th 1954, in Detroit to a large audience where he used the immortal Chiron in Aries in the 3rd phrase “the ballot or the bullet”. Small coincidence that his speaking became so powerful that it provoked Mars – in the form of gunfire to cut short his remarkable life. Malcolm X was a true Chirotic warrior and he died on the front-lines without a doubt!

Respect me, respect my Chiron in Aries...

Respect me, respect my Chiron in Aries...

4th House: I talked yesterday about how some roles are nearly tailor-made for certain actors because of some psychic resonance that is cast into a particular role (for better or worse) and quite apart from the fact that somebody in Hollywood needs to hire me for a casting role (not the couch thanks), I am amazed how often this comes to be proven in the astrology. Consider Chiron in the 4th where themes of family, tradition, the “old country”, roots, beginnings and endings are all configured in such a way as to cause distress through the sense that the self does not figure properly in this context, Chiron in the 4th ought to be fairly critical since it is the house where true identity is formed, and Chiron in Aries creates identity impotence. Of course as Chiron is awakened, the power will manifest. If ever there was a manifestation of Chirotic power in the themes of the 4th house then it is in Mario Puzo’s epic 1972 drama “The Godfather.” Consider the polarity of Chiron, unawakened it creates distress, pain, and in Aries this manifests out of consciousness as a sense of irrelevance, that our contribution simply does not matter in terms of the family, the tradition passed from one generation to the next, all 4th house themes. Small coincidence then that Marlon Brando, with Chiron in Aries in the 4th gave one of the most evocative, meaningful and powerful performances as the Godfather of an ancient and violent (Aries) family dynasty (4th).

5th House: Here Chiron manifests as a sense that our creativity has no relevance, is not worthy of recognition or provokes resentment in some painful manner. Our children may be overly dominant towards us, or not take our needs into account, romantic partners may do the same (not marriage partners: that is the 7th) or, if we create art, music, poetry or somesuch, we may feel that it is overlooked or considered irrelevant or unworthy by others. It is probably not too great a stretch to say that it is possible to identify the most creative human being that ever lived as Ludwig van Beethoven, who evinced this very placement. Chiron is about the wound or suffering though, so is it really any surprise that the man who wrote one of the most beautiful pieces of music in all creation (in my view: Piano Concerto No. 5, not to mention Fur Elise), was almost completely deaf by the age of 28. Imagine that depth of inner agony and ongoing suffering! Fittingly for the 5th house too, Beethoven’s greatest work, and no doubt the most recognisable introduction to a piece of music in the world today was his 5th symphony! Here, the Chirotic force in Aries is expressed as nearly unbridled power and relevance. Artist’s with this placement have enormous potential if they are able to awaken to it.

full of doubt, probably.

Russell: full of doubt, probably.

6th House: Here is always a tricky placement for Chiron, regardless of sign, because it manifests as an experience of one’s work and health not mattering. Here is a person who becomes sick and nobody seems to care, or who is dedicated and conscientious in their job, but somebody else always seems to get the credit for the smallest and most insignificant contribution, while your own enormous dedication is ignored or glossed over completely. This is also a calling to become a healer in this lifetime, especially where Chiron is retrograde also and if conjunct the descendant, counselling ought to be a part of the design too. I have noted a strong propensity for pacifism with this placement, since no doubt, it seeks to habituate the pain of violence in some way and heal the dichotomy of war and suffering in the world, (it’s a big ask, but Chiron in the 6th wants to heal the lifestyle of course, their own and everyone else’s!) Thus healing (6th) of violence (Aries) is of particular import here. Bertrand Russell, whose daily work was as a philosopher spoke directly to Chiron in Aries’ sense that their contribution is not properly acknowledged when he said: “The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent full of doubt.” Here is a statement that speaks volumes about 6th house themes of habituated attitudes and the angst they cause; and of course Russell was too a vociferous opponent of both the Vietnam War and nuclear armaments.

I may well continue with this study tomorrow 🙂