Postcards from Planet Neptune (01)

Dreaming of the sea…


3 comments on “Postcards from Planet Neptune (01)

  1. Bitzky says:

    More photos, please! The fans are drooling in anticipation 😉

  2. chirotic says:

    Luke, you are too good to me.
    I took this while lying in the bath with my phone. I hardly use the slr these days, I like the low-fi quality of the phone, it’s random, like my Holga (which I cannot afford to develop right now), so it’s all good.
    Thank you.

  3. Bitzky says:

    Well we have seen what you can create. We know there is always something jaw-dropping around the corner!

    And you? Embracing phone cams? I’d never..! *gasps*

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