Apologies for any inconvenience…

I am going through a dreadful upheaval just now so I am having to defer today’s post until the weekend at the earliest, maybe till Tuesday, I simply haven’t got the mental fortitude to write it out today. However, if you want to read some incredible astrology, go and see my true friend Deirdre, she will tell you something wonderful, have no doubt.

Best wishes to all.


6 comments on “Apologies for any inconvenience…

  1. cathy ceil says:

    peace and well being to you, thank you for your insights..

  2. Jenny Nguyen says:

    hope things get better, blessings to you 🙂

  3. Don’t let Neptune drag you down, my friend.

  4. Or Pluto, for that matter.

  5. bitzky says:

    *moomin sits down in the comment box and starts generating soothing thoughts*

  6. Loonsounds says:

    I look forward to your return and pray for your well-being in all areas of life.

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