Basking in the Love of the Space Whales

I feel that, despite the self-evident craziness of what I am about to write that I need to get it out there. Think what you will. I have been having incredible dreams of late, and last night I experienced the most remarkable dream of my life. It was astonishing in its depth and immediacy in a way that no other dream I’ve had has been. I would hesitate to call it a dream in fact, because my apprehension of qualities within the dream were beyond my normal experience, it is very difficult to explain with words. I wasn’t entirely asleep, but rather in a kind of meditative trance because I had some vague awareness of my surroundings and a sense of my own sleeping body.

I was floating in space and I could see the earth beneath me and as I looked around I could see whales. Blue whales. They were not the same as the blue whales that you see in the ocean because they were made entirely of a sort of light. I cannot say that it was light, because it had a texture as well, almost like a kind of clingfilm, but it glowed with ripples of colour, and I cannot describe the depth of that colour. it was a textured, coloured light substance, but that does not convey its richness and perfection.

The whales were floating all around and they were very comforting to be near. They were communicating with counterpart whales in the oceans of earth. This communication took the form of a beam of information which comprised a bright stream filled with symbols, geometric, like an alphabet but, and again there is no easy way to describe this, the symbols were accompanied by a feeling of warmth and kindness. They were transmitted with a sense of lovingness.

I realised (by which I mean I just ‘knew’ this in my dream) that the whales of the earth’s oceans were somehow copies of these light-whales, that they were very crude representations but they were the best that could be made with the rather inelegant systems of the earth, and that they were deliberately manifested physical representatives of the whales above the earth. But they were clumsy, and heavy, so infinitely heavy, when compared to their space-counterparts, but it was the best the space-whales could create with the materials at their disposal. I sensed too that there was a direct correlation between humankind’s attitude to whale-killings and spiritual level. I felt with a real urgency the deep wrongness of the killing of whales and that it doomed us as a species to not becoming aware of this other dimension of experience which was all around us and that was permeated with love and kindness. All this while I stayed aware, albeit distantly, of my body which was so relaxed and I realised that I lived every day with deep tension in me and that it was so easy to let go of it in this state. Most of all I understood that something was happening, that some kind of a peak was close, a watershed moment. The whales had a sense of excitement and anticipation as though they had finally poured enough of this love-data down into the earth, via the conduits of the clumsy earth-whales, which were still in themselves creatures of love and grace, but nothing in comparison to their space-brethren.

When I ‘woke up’ I felt humbled and peaceful, and I haven’t been able to shake that sense of excited anticipation either. I just know something is happening…