Three Dimensional Astrology: Part 4

This is the final instalment of my series on spiritual astrology, discussing in some depth the midlife transits, the Pluto and Neptune squares, and the Uranus half-return, among others. Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement; I aim to record material on new topics later in the year, I am under some pressure to finish the final draft of my book!

The episode lasts for 45 minutes, and if you wish to download the file to listen to elsewhere, then you can find it here (45mb).


Three Dimensional Astrology: Part Three

Another day, another discussion. Continuing from where I left off last time, today I discuss Orcus as a key component of spiritual integrity and the implications this has for finding meaning within your own life. I have listened to the constructive comments and emails I have received from many kind people and tried to adjust my ‘style’ accordingly, thus, this episode is a little faster paced. I’m also keen to bring in some wider astrological observations in the future, so in this episode we will be focusing on some of the foundation concepts of spiritual awareness. As we discussed last time around, astrology is really not very effective unless applied within a spiritual framework.

I’ve also compressed the file somewhat, without hopefully compromising the quality. The discussion lasts for 42 minutes and the file is 38mb in size.

As ever, if you would rather download the file so that you can listen while you’re in your car, going for a run, or rounding Cape Horn in your bathtub, then you can find it here

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