The Magi of Uranus-Pluto

May you live in interesting times! This is an old Chinese curse, although some mistakenly attribute it a blessing. Interesting times are of course, times of change, times of upheaval, times where the old and sedate ways of the world are undergoing transformation. They are, quite simply, Uranus-Pluto times. We live in such times.

As a standard-bearer for the Uranus-Pluto in Virgo generation of the late 1960s, I am under no illusions about what it might mean. It means that now, as Pluto squares Uranus for the first time since Hitler rose to the office of Chancellor – indeed, he was sworn into that sacred office exactly at the critical median pass of the Uranus-Pluto squares of the 1930s – we are likely to experience interesting times ahead. Every grating clash of these distant behemoths tells a similar story, whether it be the Norman conquest of the 11th Century, the Black Death in Europe, or indeed the rise of Fascism, these contacts, in the 4th harmonic at least, seem to encapsulate a time of darkness. The greatest pressure will fall therefore on those born in the late 1960s and early 1970s who have been serving their apprenticeship in handling these vast and unstable cosmic energies and whose lives to date have involved a remarkable training in uncertainty principles!

We all crave a life characterised by stability, by predictability, by safety, but the Uranus – Pluto adepts of the 60s are the generation that safety forgot. They have found themselves assuming the helm of a society that looks ahead and can see only darkness, and all the predictions are gloomy, shadows beset every horizon and we can take nothing for granted. To be born between 1963 and 1971 is in many ways a curse, but there is little point in feeling cursed, you were born to be forged in the crucible of Hades and remade through the power of uncertainty, into a magician. As I speak, people write to me and tell me how they are waking up to a new reality, and how the old reality is not so much redundant as it is laughable. Of course a few people write to me and tell me that I’m an idiot too, but that’s normal. If you believe it, then it’s true, right?

So, we were not born to be safe, we were born to handle it. Some of us are still struggling with the injustice of having to handle it, but there we are. All unhappiness stems from not wanting what is, and that means that one only has to choose to be happy. It’s the work of a moment to be happy, not a lifetime. But if you’re unhappy then it’s because somebody out there thinks you deserve to be, and you believe them. That doesn’t mean that you have to endure narcissists and bullies, only that you can choose not to believe in them, and then they can’t stop you being happy any longer. Uranus – Pluto: sudden insight into the source of the control issues in your life.

So, there’s no point feeling hard done by, or worrying about impending doom. The worst that can happen to you is that you’ll die, and that’s no big deal. If you’re a magician it’s your work to change reality, to change the world through the medium of magical intention. What’s stopping you? I know what’s stopping you, it’s all the haters, the mockers, the sneering hordes, the people who tell you that you’re a fool and that you’re never going to amount to a thing. So what does it matter if you don’t, so long as you operate from a place of spiritual intention and integrity.

Nothing else matters.

If you can accept that, then you’re in a good position, because any day now, you are going to be able to step it up. It’s not easy to do this work because the ego gets in the way – not just your ego either – and you have to stay on course. People with spiritual intentions always appear to be simpletons to people without them.

On October 28th we enter the Age of the Fifth Sun. There’s some argument around the exact date of course, but there always is, it’s only those people who think that you’re an idiot who care about the ‘exact’ date. It’s close enough. The Age of the 5th Sun is accelerating the frequency of human consciousness, but it only works on those who have adopted spiritual integrity. Spiritual integrity is a meaningless concept, of course, to those that don’t have it. Imagine that it’s like getting an upgrade on your TV to high-definition: it doesn’t make any difference to the blind.

It’s difficult to talk about astrology in this context because we’re talking about Galactic astrology, not Solar. The Galactic Centre is just one piece of the puzzle. Did you know that William Lilly believed that the Moon could never go void of course in Sagittarius, but he could never understand why? I think that with precession, the GC is about to move into 27 Sagittarius, a critical degree, trining the astrologer’s degree at 27 Leo. Last night I dreamt that 10 Capricorn was an all-important degree too, that it had weight and I felt it that way. Like one of those Einsteinian models of space-time where a weight is placed upon a rubber sheet, distorting the continuum. I have not made an investigation of that yet.

Uranus-Pluto concepts are ‘out-there’ in all the myriad understandings of that phrase, and the magical act herein is to personalise that weird and dangerous energy; to bring it into the personal sphere. That process is begun by no longer being at the mercy of the energy; the instability of your life is not your fault, but neither should you feel like the victim of it (and chances are you have the Neptune-Pluto sextile in the mix too). In which area of your life, your chart are you having to take control of the instabilities of your life? Where are you required to communicate the falsity of the  myths that have grown up around your reality. The time has come to break them apart, to break free, to challenge the shadow that threatens your world. As the forces of evil, narcissists and haters all, attempt to smother your truth and humiliate you into silence (negative Plutonians always peddle judgment and humiliation) be like the sky, rise above it all and let your truth shine.

You’re rare and remarkable and you have earned the right to be you.