Chiron in Pisces: a call to arms…

"The Wounded Foot" 1909, by Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida (1863-1923)

"The Wounded Foot" 1909, by Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida (1863-1923)

I have been transfixed this morning by the question of Chiron’s rulership. I was reading some of Barbara Hand-Clow’s ‘Liquid Light of Sex’ (another great discussion of astrology in disguise) and she referred to the fact of Chiron being struck by Achilles’ poisoned arrow in his left foot. This immediately got me thinking about rulership. The wound, archetypally therefore is entirely spiritual (Pisces) and creative (left).

Thus the wound of Chiron is represented by Chiron in Pisces, which rules the feet, a symbol of spiritual humility, of Christain compassion and of understanding and forgiveness. The opposite really of Virgo, which rules the gut, symbol of assimilation, breaking down and the critical, digestive faculty.

In keeping with Barbara Hand-Clow’s observation that Chiron is a bridging paradigm, Martin Lass concurs that really it is the polarity of Virgo and Pisces which rules Chirotic force, the rulership itself is a journey, from spiritual wounding (Pisces) to specific healing practises (Virgo). This makes sense, not least because there is a hint of oscillation wherever Chiron is found. There is an entire generation which, with Uranus in Virgo opposing Chiron in PIsces, is wrestling with this conundrum. The untransformed state is to be found in the pedantic, scientifically correct mindset that has produced a horde of computer programmers, criminologists, forensic scientists and biochemically-fixated psychologists, all fodder ready for the wounding-mechanism of Virgo which will no doubt manifest in the digestive systems of those who refuse to acknowledge the polarity point of Chiron in Pisces. With this aspect looming large in the ongoing Uranus oppositions and Saturn transit, the shit could (literally) be about to hit the fan.

Until these fanatic pseudo-scientists can learn to admit the possibility that measuring the Universe is not going to shut up those nagging doubts, that trying to find God under the microscope will do little more than give you a vague stomach-ache and that proclaiming the ironically feeble system of logic which arrogates that a lack of proof is as good as a disproof, then we remain doomed, as a generation, and as a species to simply working hard at undermining our most fundamental foundations. We poison ourselves, and record the minutiae of our detriorating symptoms in Nature magazine. We rejoice in the promotion of sickness and hope to get a Nobel Prize for our efforts. We deconstruct our last hope and crow victoriously, drowning out the sobs of misery from our entire race in the process.

The understanding of Uranus in Virgo is either childishly brittle or it is deliciously profound, but it will break and shatter until it has been tempered by the spiritual wound of Chiron. It really brings a whole new meaning to my left foot.


Chiron in Pisces through the houses: Part 2

Continuing then with Chiron in Pisces through the houses:

7th House: With Chiron in Pisces here there are often difficulties within close relationships based upon an inability to set proper boundaries, a sense of being overwhelmed by relationship issues, or being taken for granted in your marriage or in other close partnerships. You may be deceived by your spouse or business partner, or alternatively you may be drawn to people whom you believe need rescuing. If you have Chiron in Pisces here then you may be attracted to artists, dreamers and lost-souls, or even those with drug, alcohol or other addiction problems, or those who suffer from depression. Because of the tendency to “outsource” any themes that are associated with the descendant, we may actually have disowned these tendencies in

Cobain experienced degenerative relationships

Cobain experienced degenerative relationships

ourselves and found instead another person to embody those difficult Piscean qualities that we cannot admit to. With Chiron in Pisces here, there may be issues with the legal system relating to drugs, alcohol or an inability to cope. This position of Chiron gives a real ability for counselling, especially for marriage guidance and relationship problems. An astrologer with Chiron in Pisces here could work well in synastry with an emphasis on those who have lost faith in their partnerships.

Kurt Cobain, with Chiron in Pisces in the 7th is a very good example of the placement. When he met his wife, Courtney Love she was already a regular user of heroin; Cobain gradually became a user himself and his gradual degeneration into addiction became a contributing factor in his eventual suicide. His relationship with Love was characterised with legal, law and drug problems, the birth of their child, Frances Bean, was attended by controversy since Love admitted to using heroin while pregnant and she and Cobain had to battle for custody of their daughter after she was removed from their care by welfare services.

8th House: Here, Chiron manifests as a struggle to survive through being unable to take control of our own destiny. Very often our fate seems to be in other people’s hands, not because we have necessarily failed to have an adequate vision for ourselves, but because issues of power in our lives have a habit of becoming tenuous, deceptive or illusory. Anyone with Chiron in Pisces here may feel as if events are overtaking them, that their destiny is running away with no thought for personal desires; often there are life and death struggles based upon an inability to take control of events. The confluence of Pisces and Scorpio in this house can similarly result in drug problems (as in the case of Robert Downey Jr. who admitted to having substance abuse problems from the age of 8!) or other issues of losing control (Pisces on Scorpio). This loss of control though can be through the influence of others – possibly parents or other authority figures – through financial difficulty – debt, obligation or living in hope of an eventual legacy. I have seen people with this placement who seem to have lost their free-will because they are in line for an inheritance one day – providing they live a dutiful life according to Aunt Flo’s vision (and rarely do the fates reward such limited ambition).

Indira Gandhi, India’s first female prime minister is an informative – if extreme – case. Her entire life, as the daughter of India’s most powerful political dynasty seemed to be mapped out; she associated with the power-players of Indian society: her own father was Prime Minister and she was closely associated with Mahatma Gandhi as well; with hindsight, she seemed destined to live her life at the behest of the power-brokers of India’s ruling elite from the day she was born until her eventual assassination when she was machine gunned by her own bodyguards at her home aged 66.

9th House: Chiron in PIsces in the 9th creates confusion, difficulty and a sense of yearning around philosophic, religious and humanitarian issues and aims, it no doubt also has the side-effect of making the conditions of life singularly chaotic and disorganised as well, due to the influence of Pisces on Sagittarius. In my view, however, this is one of the more comfortable placements for Chiron since a philanthropically motivated attitude will find some sympathy here, and may even prosper. This said, higher education may be beset by problems; uncertainty in determining the best subject for study may simply be the start of a whole raft of confusing distractions surrounding education. The native may well be their own worst enemy, wishing to study art one day and astronomy the next and feeling vaguely dissatisfied whatever their choice. In a similar vein, spiritual, religious or philosophic ideas may suffer the same confusing uncertainty; a Marxist

too visionary?

Adams: too visionary?

today and a Calvinist the next, there is an inability to settle, to stay fixed. A tendency to having far-reaching ideas is always present in Sagittarius or the 9th, but with Chiron in Pisces there is a distinct possibility that these ideas are misunderstood by others and misinterpreted often harshly or hurtfully; great effort needs to be made to ensure that ideas, creeds and philosophies are grounded, are rendered practical, because it is quite common for this placement to reach too high and lose credibility as a result.

The 6th President of the USA, John Adams, had Chiron in Pisces here and he displays many of the key themes of the placement. His childhood was disrupted out of a need to travel with his father, who was an American envoy to France and then the Netherlands. He therefore was required to spend long periods far from home and family. Upon winning the presidency in 1825 he immediately proposed a raft of ambitious reforms and proposals that failed to convince even his own supporters; his vision for office was dogged by doubts about his sense of proportion and reality. Many of his ideas were wonderfully philanthropic, but they jarred against the established opinions and social mores of his contemporaries. Another blow to Adams’ presidency was his generous policy toward Native Americans. Settlers on the frontier, who were constantly seeking to move westward, cried for a more expansionist policy. When the federal government tried to assert authority on behalf of the Cherokees, the governor of Georgia took up arms and the President’s credibility was further undermined. In hindsight, Adams’ policies were typically Chiron in Pisces in the 9th, far ahead of their time, but in the context of what was possible in that day and age, unrealistic and somewhat naive.

10th House: Here, Chiron in Pisces undermines all issues of status and standing in the world. One of the quirks of this placement that I have found is that very often natives suffer in their career ambitions as a direct result of the incompetence of others. It also creates a natural proficiency in health and medicinal careers and Chiron configured with the Midheaven – particularly by a tee square from Uranus opposing Chiron across the horizon – is present in several charts of astrologers, acupuncturists and other alternative health practitioners. Chiron alone in the 10th I find to be present in chiropractors (unsurprisingly), osteopaths and those who work more directly with physical structures in the body. For those with Chiron so placed that choose not to follow a healing profession, teaching is a good alternative. For everyone else, Chiron in Pisces here will create some element of confusion, and reputations may suffer as a result, usually through no fault of your own. Similarly, any attempt to garner status may be misconstrued or misinterpreted by others in the worst possible light. In the worst case, I have seen one person who worked hard for a charity organisation for several years only to discover that it was a façade that was dedicated to money-laundering, rather than its stated purpose of supplying foreign aid to Africa. These types of deceptions are entirely in keeping with this particular placement.

Orson Welles had Chiron in Pisces here and it is interesting to note the summary of his career (from Wikipedia): “In 1941, he co-wrote, directed, produced and starred in Citizen Kane, often chosen in polls of film critics as the greatest film ever made. The rest of his career was often obstructed by lack of funds, incompetent studio interference and other unfortunate occurrences, both during exile in Europe and brief returns to Hollywood.” This describes almost perfectly the ambience of Chiron in Pisces in the 10th.

11th House: Here, group dynamics cause considerable distress or at least confusion, and the need to be part of something can be undermining. If you have Chiron in Pisces here, it is possible that you may feel overwhelmed within a group, or that your identity is somehow lost or submerged as part of a greater dynamic; group activities that focus on negative Piscean themes need careful handling as well; thus parties where there are drugs or excessive alcohol ought to be treated with caution, as should mediumistic or questionable religious organisations. Cults and weird group obsessions are very prevalent under this influence. Similarly, reputations may be unfairly damaged within a group. Friends are especially difficult with this influence, maybe they are deceptive, or self-deceptive in a way that is damaging to you, or your needs from a friendly relationship are somehow not met, or you acnnot seem to express your feelings and instead you get treated like a doormat by your friends.

Laurent Blanc, the great French centre-half is an interesting example. He was denied the greatest moment of his career by the fraudulent activity of a member of the opposing team, he missed the World Cup final in 1998 after being sent off in the semi-final against Croatia for elbowing Slaven Bilić, although replays showed that Bilić had clearly feigned the injury. Here, the undermining deception (Pisces) in a team situation (11th house) caused the difficulty (Chiron). This was arguably the crowning glory of an illustrious career for Blanc, and it must cause him considerable anguish to this day to have been so blatantly cheated out of the pinnacle moment of his entire life’s work.

12th House: Here, especially within its own sign of Pisces, the 12th house creates a great opportunity, for transcendence or abject self-deception. Here, institutions are configured, as are themes of retreat, solitude and service. This creates something of an imperative, because Chiron revels in selfless ideals, and the doubly Piscean connotation will be difficult to deny here. If you have Chiron in Pisces here then you will need to monitor your motives very closely; the potential for self-undoing is great. Those motivated by power, self-aggrandisement and personal ambition are very clearly likely to come unstuck and examples are many and telling. On the other hand, this is an extremely good placement for artists, poets, healers and carers. A life of devotion, humility and giving service without expectation of reward is the only sure-fire route to

Man of the year, eventually undone by Chrion in Pisces

Brandt: Man of the year, eventually undone by Chiron in Pisces

realising the benefits of Chiron here, and as with any placement in the 12th there is something of a karmic slant to matters here. This is where and how we must serve in this life, so Chiron here is a good placement for hospital workers, asylum staff, those devoted to religious service, for artists and so forth, but especially those motivated by an ideal rather than by financial gain or the lure of fame.

Willy Brandt, Chancellor of West Germany, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and fierce opponent of both the Nazi and the later Soviet regimes evinced this placement. He was celebrated throughout the 1960s and 70s for his humanitarian and democratic views and his humanistic socialist leadership. All his hard work came to nothing though, since at the height of his power, scandalous allegations relating to his private life and the uncovering of a Stasi spy, who turned out to be Brandt’s personal assistant effectively ended his political ambitions. Billy Graham has this placement also, as does Barbara Hutton, heir to the Woolworth’s fortune and the archetypal “poor little rich girl” is yet another example of just how delicate Chiron’s placement here can be.

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Chiron in Pisces through the houses

Chiron taught Achilles

Chiron is little understood in the overall scheme of the astrology, however I believe this to be because there are very few individuals who are attuned to chirotic energy, which to manifest at all in the life, requires a real awakening to the compassionate sense; such an awareness is not usually gained without a considerable experience of suffering or difficulty in one’s own life. Many astrologers who talk about Chiron do so from an intellectual (or Mercurial) viewpoint which is all very well, however, in my experience it is very difficult to relate to an energy that is not manifest in one’s own life. This makes it difficult to comprehend the key quality of the archetype, but not necessarily impossible. I will try to find an example of each placement where Chirotic force has been activated to better demonstrate the fundamental expression of Chiron thus.

I have read extensively on the subject of Chiron; I first read Melanie Reinhart’s “Chiron and the Healing Journey: An Astrological and Psychological Perspective“, then Martin Lass’ “Chiron: Healing Body & Soul“, and then finally Barbara Hand-Clow’s “Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets“. I cannot even begin to express how much more evolved Hand-Clow’s perspective is than the alternatives, and if you are looking for an insight then this is certainly the text I would most recommend.

I do not wish to write extensively on the various themes of Chiron, my fundamental viewpoint is that it shows most keenly the area of life or the issues to which we have the most painful sensitivity. The idea of sensitivity is very Neptunian and a part of the problem with apprehending Chiron is that our unevolved Mercurial/Saturnine perspective on the Universe lacks a sufficient vocabulary with which to describe the immeasurable. It is for this reason that I would say that you, as an astrologer at least, may be best served by considering Chiron to represent that kind of sensitivity that equates spiritually to the physical sensitivity rendered by an injury. If you have broken your arm and somebody touches the area of the break while it is still tender, you flinch away. Chiron relates to that same dynamic but in an existential manner; it is the same reaction as applied to a psychic wound or injury.

Now by that same token, if we have broken our spiritual bones and had to heal them through a difficult convalscence of the soul then we may gain a new awareness of the broken spiritual bones that others are nursing in their own lives; so Chiron is a gateway to compassion and through it we are given an opportunity to evolve, to find our true and individual purpose (Uranus), to awaken our spiritual and compassionate self (Neptune) and to transform our consciousness and rise above the concerns of the ego (Pluto). That is why Chiron is considerd by Hand-Clow to be the Rainbow Bridge to higher consciousness.

Put more mundanely and simply, Chiron offers us an opportunity to become a healer – the highest spiritual calling in all human life – or alternatively to require healing ourselves, because it is through the need for healing that we awaken the healer within.

This said, the vast majority of humans alive at this time will probably live out their entire lives without once being much aware of their Chirotic energies, if the client does not show evolvement, then the position of Chiron can be treated as a subtext at best.

Thus, Chiron in Pisces, through the first 6 houses:
1st House: Here is a painful legacy relating to self-expression or to the body. We may hear a call to be of service that is triggered through some literal or perceived deficiency in the physical body. This could be as simple as being unable to grasp our attractiveness, maybe we are victimised because of our looks; perhaps because we feel that others consider us to be not beautiful enough, or perhaps we are made to suffer unwanted attention because we are very attractive. Alternatively, we may suffer from a physical ailment that breaks down our ego-structure and makes life a struggle in some way. It is also possible that we are unable to express ourselves very clearly, we might feel that the things we say are misunderstood, misperceived or somehow or other “lost in translation”. Anyone with Chiron rising in Pisces though may look like a healer or be in some sense vulnerable-looking. If we allow ourselves to be transformed through Chiron in Pisces in the 1st house then we may discover that we have real wisdom to offer on the subject of the body-image or of the way in which we express our spiritual nature. Most people with Chiron in the first, especially when configured with the Ascendant will feel a call to healing in their life, and usually by the age of 50 there is a reconciliation required.

Fox suffers from Parkinson\'s Disease

Fox suffers from Parkinsons Disease

An example of someone that has been transformed through this position is Michael J. Fox who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1990 although he did not disclose the illness until 1998: he set up the Michael J. Fox foundation in 2000, just as Saturn applied to his Chiron placement by Solar Arc. This echoes clearly the creation of a formal organisation (Saturn) to tackle the physical effects (1st House) of a degenerative (Pisces) disease.

2nd House: Here Chiron creates an opportunity to awaken through an inability to get hold of financial themes in our life; or through being victimised or being made to feel helpless because of our financial situation. Situations surrounding money might therefore cause us considerable angst and difficulty and we may feel that the good things of life elude us somehow. This can often manifest as a feeling that “life is hard” or that we are just destined to suffer through poverty, privation or being the victim of other people’s greed. Similarly, food may be an issue for us and because of the rulership of Pisces by Neptune we might suffer from odd allergies to certain foodstuffs. Our possessions may elude us too, we might not be able to keep hold of the items which are precious to us, or we might be forced to confront our attitudes toward material things as a result of losing them in ways that often seem unfair.
An excellent example of Chiron in Pisces in the 2nd is to be found in the case of Billie Holiday whose childhood poverty set up many of the painful themes of her adult life. She had Mars conjunct Chiron in the 2nd tightly squared by Pluto in the 5th, so here there are dark themes of a sexual and financial nature; Billie was raped twice as a child, and she was forced to work in brothels in her teenage years and throughout her story there are these themes of sexual abuse that are closely configured to her poverty. She awakened to Chiron as a result and her music was a powerful testament to awakening spirituality (Pisces) through her singing (2nd house of Taurus, the throat and song). It is therefore quite unsurprising to read of her end when you consider the 2nd house placement of Chiron and the potential for being made a victim which is inherent in all things Piscean; she died from cirrhosis of the liver on July 17 1959 at the age of 44. In the final years of her life, she had been progressively swindled out of her earnings, and she died with only $0.70 in the bank and $750 (a tabloid fee) on her person.

3rd House: With Chiron in Pisces in the third we seem destined to be misunderstood, or to feel that our thoughts are confused and meaningless somehow. This may lead to something of an intellectual inferiority complex, and it may act as a spur to near-excessive intellectual achievement. By the same token there is a certain duality attached to everything in the 3rd (due to its Geminian slant) and thus there may be a problem with not being believed; you say one thing, people believe something else. You may be considered superficial, much to your frustration, or your sincerity might be continually called into question, although these may be motivating factors in proving your abilities. It is no coincidence that Gary Kasparov, Robert Browning and Alan Watts all shared a common Chiron in Pisces in the 3rd house; each of them was motivated to prove their intellectual prowess.
This same theme of being considered superficial and intellectually irrelevant can be seen in the case of Burt Lancaster. Initially dismissed as “Mr Muscles and Teeth”, in the late 1950s Lancaster abandoned his all-American image and gradually came to be regarded as one of the best actors of his generation. This early suffering and sense of being intellectually misunderstood manifested out in his later life when he became a vocal proponent (3rd house) of disenfranchised minorities and groups (Pisces) and he did much to support the early AIDs sufferers after the death of his friend Rock Hudson. Dual themes abound, Lancaster would never escape the intimation that he was gay, despite the fact that he was fiercely protective of his private life and denied the continual speculation.

4th House: Here our sensitivity is concerned with our early childhood, with issues of motherhood – possibly connected to out own mother or to our role as a mother, or more broadly it may be connected with an inability to care for somebody, or we may have to deal with issues of abandonment or feeling that we do not belong. With Chiron in Pisces here our heritage, culture or even our racial background may be ambiguous or in some way cause us difficulty or make us the victim of other people’s prejudice. There may also be issues around the home, perhaps our home-work balance is poorly defined, or we may find that some crucial practical aspects of our home situation are vague, confused or difficult to make sense of. I have seen cases where Chiron in Pisces here has correlated with an alcoholic or confused mother figure, or one that is literally absent.

Piafs childhood was difficult

Piafs childhood was difficult

Édith Piaf’s history resonates at every level with Chiron in Pisces in the 4th. Despite numerous documentaries and biographies, much of her early life remains “shrouded in mystery” which sets the tone for this placement straight away. She was allegedly born on the pavement in Paris, but this is uncertain. Her mother, Annetta Giovanna Maillard, was a French pied-noir of French-Italian descent on her father’s side and of Kabyle Berber origin on her mother’s. Her father was a street acrobat. Édith was abandoned by her mother and raised by prostitutes at a brothel in Normandy. By the age of 17, Édith had given birth to a baby girl, Marcelle who died aged two of meningitis. Édith’s childhood, home situation and mother, as well as her own experience of motherhood are so very confused, intangible and painful but she managed to transmute that difficult history into the most soulful and yearning music probably to ever come out of France in the last century.

5th House: Chiron in Pisces in the 5th house suggests that issues of creativity are intangible, difficult or elusive or that we feel our creative identity is confused. In my opinion however, the 5th is one of the better placements for Chiron, especially in artistic Pisces, because it offers a natural outlet for our sensitivity and intangibility. Consider J.K. Rowling as an example of a person who used Piscean fantasy to good effect as a creative outlet for Chiron’s sensitivity. Having said this, romance and sexual issues may arise with Chiron here in Pisces, perhaps the objects of our affections seem unable to commit, they may be unsure or vague about their feelings towards the native with Chiron here, or thet may even be purposefully deceptive. There may also be confusion about sexuality, or problems with childbearing. The 5th is concerned with our need to feel special, and with Chiron in Pisces here, that feeling may well elude us; perhaps our children take us for granted, or our romantic partners seem to be less than enthusiastic about our charms.
Cliff Burton, the bassist with mega-metal group Metallica has Chiron in Pisces in the 5th. His decision to become a musician was prompted by the death of his brother and the subsequent fallout that attends the death of a child within a family motivated him to become the “best bassist in the world” and he practised for up to 6 hours a day from that point onward. Intriguingly, Burton’s chart is one of those rarities that evinces not a single “easy” aspect.

6th House: Here Chiron is probably accidentally dignified and certainly Barbara Hand-Clow determines that Chiron here denotes the reincarnation of a healer (and too if Chiron is retrograde), and this placement does lend Chiron a most natural of expressions. The 6th is the house of habitual behaviours; thus it has a bearing on our daily activities – like work – but also on those kinds of habits, good and bad, which have a deterministic and cumulative effect on our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Chiron here then can represent a sensitivity to our habits and ongoing health and state of mind. Perhaps we just don’t “feel right” with Chiron here, or maybe we work too much as a means of ignoring our inability to take control of our unhealthy daily habits and chaotic routines. We may feel put upon or even victimised in our job, that nobody acknowledges our contribution, perhaps because we are being taken for granted. Chiron crossing the descendent makes an excellent placement for counsellors, healers and astrologers, (Alan Leo evinced this placement in opposition to Saturn rising at the Astrologer’s degree).

JFK was a physical wreck...

JFK was a physical wreck...

John F. Kennedy, 35th and most-loved president in US history had Chiron here applying to the Aries Point; his mission then was to heal the world and much of his vision of globally inclusive democracy was evident in his Chiron placement. His health however was torrid, with his spine giving him terrible problems throughout his life: consider this excerpt from Arthur Schlesinger’s biography “A Thousand Days“: “The shock of the collision with the Japanese destroyer in the Solomon Islands had torn Kennedy’s back, already weakened by the football injury at Harvard half a dozen years before. In his exhaustion after the rescue he came down with malaria. When he returned to the United States, he weighed 127 pounds and was in agony from sciatica. He had a lumbar disc operation at the Chelsea Naval Hospital, relieving the pressure on the nerve fibers. But his spine did not cease to torment him. ‘At least one half of the days that he spent on this earth,’ his brother has written, ‘were days of intense physical pain.'” In addition, he at one time or another suffered from Addison’s disease, various life-threatening fevers, Scarlet fever, jaundice, celiac disease, whooping cough, spastic colitis, underactive adrenal glands, Cushing syndrome, duodenal ulcers, nonspecific urethritis, prostatitis, hypersomnolence and several possible food allergies.

I may continue with this series if there is interest at a future point.

David Cameron: Spin Doctor or Saviour?

With all the hoo-har about the release of Barack Obama’s birth details and the subsequent cacophony of ephemerides being slammed onto astrologer’s desks the world over (okay, so we all use software for calculation nowadays, but it’s an image I like!) I thought I would take a look today at Britain’s answer to Mr Obama, the less gaunt, less liberal, less most things you care to mention: Mr Cameron!

David Cameron Nativity

So what can we say about the Libran, Mr Cameron? Actually the first thing that springs to mind is an observation about the sign Libra, which has a rather soft, acquiescent reputation, mostly on account of a great determination to ensure that everyone else is at ease. A Libran strives for harmony of course, but their reputation as a pushover is entirely inaccurate; sure the Libran will give way on the things that they can do without, but engage them on an issue that matters to them and they’ll give even a fundamentalist Scorpio a run for their money. So, to some extent this gives you the first insight to David Cameron, he might seem smooth, charming and rather easy-going, but if he really wants something, he’s probably going to get it.

David Cameron PhotoI would also say that at just under 8 degrees the Sun’s only major aspect, a conjunction to Venus, powerful in her domicile, is rather wide and you might well make a case for his Sun therefore being peregrine, a condition that Hilary Clinton shares, but given the reach of the Sun, it is possibly dangerous to make such a claim at all. What you can say with Venus rising in Libra is that Mr Cameron has genuine charm, he will sweep you off your feet, and no doubt – whether they want to admit it or not – there are going to be more than a few female voters swayed by his pleasing and polite persona on Election Day. Add to this Mercury in incisive Scorpio and suddenly the picture changes, there is a sting in the tail, and now we begin to see the steel fist in the velvet glove, because Mercury here, squared to Moon conjunct Jupiter in Leo in the 10th gives a powerful fixity and ‘unto the bitter end’ determination. Bizarrely, the impression that Cameron often gives, of being smooth, suave and a little soft is entirely contradicted now, here is a man who will not only determine that the things he wants will be his, he won’t care too much who he has to squash to get them. Actually, he’s tough, very tough, and there’s more.

Mars in Leo in the 11th suggests a great deal of leadership energy, a real drive to be top of the pile and here again we have another planet that is truly peregrine, so no doubt he spent the first 35 years of his life struggling to find his drive and his passion and then one day he suddenly woke up to the fact that he really had genuine power; Mars in any fire sign has great energy, and in Leo it is imbued with a measure of compassion, warmth and genuine nobility, which added to his Jupiter in the same sign probably denotes some real ability to lead. If we look at the Moon, in the 10th, it suggests popularity, fame, and conjunct Jupiter, it takes the form of leadership fame, and no doubt it will expand as his life progresses. Moon in Leo is not the greatest of placements, but it suggests an ability to take the lead in a crisis, and that is not so bad a quality in a Prime Minister.

The worst politico placement of this nativity is probably Mercury square Jupiter which tends to make promises rather glibly, it is a promise much, deliver much less tendency that probably suits the profession well, but also undermines the credibility of the entire lower house at the same time. Having said that though, with Jupiter in Leo, the chances are that his intentions are nevertheless good, and Mercury in Scorpio is quite pragmatic and sincere, so even if he does make rash promises, he does not take them lightly even so, perhaps that mitigates the potential for harm.

Most compelling of all though is the rather electric triangle between Uranus conjunct Pluto in Virgo opposing Saturn conjunct Chiron in Pisces all of which trines/sextiles Neptune in Scorpio in the 2nd. This situation is rather profound; one might even say it is almost esoteric; Saturn conjunct to Chiron really speaks of someone who is almost destined to heal the world in some way, who must be responsible for the health and well-being of the spiritual themes of those who are placed under his care. This is quite strange to see in the political chart because if one did not know better one might be tempted to think that his purpose in this world was to change the core paradigms of society, Saturn in Pisces teaches a karmic lesson about the need for compassion, and providing he is able to respond to that calling, his impact could be truly remarkable. Of course the potential for great damage exists in this same aspect set, Saturn opposition Pluto can just as easily represent the dictator as the saviour, he may be deeply pragmatic, prosaic even and be anti-spiritual in which case he could become a true force for evil, but I like to think that if his words can even be half-believed that he might indeed mean what he says and bring some measure of sincerity back into British politics.

I must say that after looking into his astrology, even in this rather perfunctory manner, my opinion of his potential is very much improved. I am not saying that I would vote for him, but I will certainly not be quite so secure in my cynicism about him from here on in.

Alan Watts, pt 3: Moon, Chiron and a few notes

Alan WattsTime then for a few closing notes on the subject of Alan Watts’ fascinating nativity. We have covered some of the key issues that made him the enigmatic but brilliant genius that he so clearly was; his peregrine but dignified Uranus, Cazimi Mercury, qunideciles from Saturn conjunct Pluto and Neptune on the 8th and his Saturnine/Uranian soul, realised through an appreciation of his Capricorn stellium in the first. Of course, no chart is defined entirely by just one or two configurations, and really we have up till now concerned ourselves with confirming those aspects of his nature that we are privy to, so what of the rest of the man?

Astrologically I find the Moon opposition to Chiron intriguing. This suggests a painful and never-healed rift in the relationship with the mother; with his Moon in pure but perfection-seeking Virgo in the 8th there is a hint that she may have held high standards that the young Alan found hard to attain. His interest in philosophy and later eastern mysticism came about largely through the influence of his mother, Emily, as she was the daughter of a missionary herself and Watts recalled in his biography how his mother taught at a local school for daughters of missionaries to China. It was because of his mother that Alan had early exposure to Asian culture, via art and other gifts brought by parents returning from China. A Sinophile all his life, Alan attributed the start of his interest in the writings of Chinese poets and sages to his mother’s gift of a Chinese translation of the New Testament.

Immediately, we get a sense of Emily as having a deeply spiritual, albeit orthodox facet to her nature, and it is interesting to note how Watts spent a great deal of his philosophic effort upon deconstructing many of the inconsistencies of traditional theistic logic. With Chiron in Pisces, we get a sense that the damage in his maternal relationship was at heart a spiritual one, an inability to find a middle ground between the exacting rules of critical Virgo and the polarity of Piscean faith; an existential incompatibility between a mother who may have been obsessive and critical, and a need to find a sense of trust in a benevolent Universe. Indeed, much of Watts’ greatest insight speaks to powerfully Neptunian themes of dissolution, of impermanence, of illusion and compassion.

So what might have caused this rift? Moon in Virgo hints at a mother who wanted things to be just so, neat, orderly and if not exactly conventional, certainly humble and God forbid! None too flashy! Then we see the quincunx to otherwise unaspected Uranus in its domicile of Aquarius, suddenly (and thus fittingly for Uranus) we see the source of the pain. Watts was different, naturally he was odd, quirky, noticeable by dint of being not-normal; his interests were weird and profoundly unorthodox and he speaks of a childhood spent devising complex funeral rites for birds, and composing treatises on theology which he would discuss with his parents long into the night. There is no question that his mother loved him; he speaks of her fondly, but of course that quincunx speaks to dissatisfaction, and it appears that even after declaring himself a Buddhist at age 14 Watts was still inclined to try and reconcile his chosen belief with that of his mother’s choosing.

The maternal principle is internalised, and with Moon in the 8th, there is a theme of letting go; this opposed to Chiron further posits the idea that letting go of his mother drove him to seek some spiritual solution to his painful loss. Chiron in Pisces on the very cusp of the 3rd forces one to continually readjust their faith in hope of addressing the cold-shoulder of an uncaring cosmos.

A few other points worthy of mention:

  1. Neptune conjunct royal Regulus would dignify his spirituality.
  2. Venus in Sagittarius in the 12th gives a profound love of prophetic and far-reaching  ideals, of far off places, of the exotic and mystical; it also gives a deep love of solitude, and it is well known that Watts would spend several hours a day meditating alone, a confirmed Buddhist; which in his day was certainly an exotic belief system.
  3. Venus furthermore rules the 10th, so this love of exotic belief systems would somehow define the career!
  4. Saturn in Gemini creates a challenge to articulate, and here, conjunct Betelgeuse denotes “success which is not blocked” according to Brady. Unquestionably so.
  5. Saturn furthermore mutually receives Mercury; thus lending great stability to his thinking and much faculty for adaptability in meeting his obligations.
  6. Pars fortuna is partile the Imum Coeli, suggesting that his most private self was his bounty.

This is the final article concerning Alan Watts. I strongly recommend that you listen to some of his marvellous teachings, and here is a podcast which will allow you to do just that.